If You’ve Ever Heard a Voice That Wasn’t There, This Could Be Why

With a ghostly finger in a lab, researchers coaxed people to hear phantom voices.

These Amphibians Have a Taste for Their Mom’s Skin

Caecilians are the first amphibians known to pass on their microbiomes to their offspring.

Deer Are Everywhere, but We Barely Know Them

A decade-old research project in Pennsylvania has been revealing the secret lives of familiar woodland mammals.

Lab Leak Fight Casts Chill Over Virology Research

Scientists doing “gain-of-function” research said that heightened fears of lab leaks are stalling studies that could thwart the next pandemic…

Robert Sapolsky Doesn’t Believe in Free Will. (But Feel Free to Disagree.)

There is no free will, according to Robert Sapolsky, a biologist and neurologist at Stanford University and a recipient of…

How Megafires Are Remaking the World

On Aug. 15, a small wildfire was detected in the hills above West Kelowna, in British Columbia. The landscape was…

NASA’s Psyche Mission to a Metal Asteroid Is Ready to Launch

The journey on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket has been delayed this week by poor weather conditions.

The Human Brain Has a Dizzying Array of Mystery Cells

Researchers identified some 3,300 types of brain cells, an order of magnitude more than was previously known, and have only…

When, Where and How to Watch the Annular Solar Eclipse

The so-called “ring of fire” will grace the skies of the Western Hemisphere on Saturday.

Fossil Reveals Ancient Seafloor Communities

Remnants of decaying tiny animals were colonized by others in an interspecies interaction dating back 480 million years.

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