The Part of the Kristi Noem Saga That I Can’t Shake

Americans like feeling as though they know their political leaders personally. And yet I think many of us now feel…


What Kind of Husband Behaves Like Donald Trump?

Donald Trump sat silent, stone-faced and staring straight ahead as he listened to the intimate details in Stormy Daniels’s testimony…


Three Reasons the Campus Protests Are Part of the Problem

Readers have been asking me, and I have been asking myself of late, how I feel about the campus demonstrations…


Sign Up for Your Money’s Financial Boot Camp for 20-Somethings

We want to help you get your money in shape.


$3.2 Million Homes in California

A renovated midcentury home in Los Angeles, a hillside house in Sausalito and a 2020 retreat in Santa Paula.


A Battle Over Beer Split a Texas Town’s Biggest Party

ACROSS THE COUNTRY A Battle Over Beer Split a Texas Town’s Biggest Party Muenster, Texas, has hosted a German-heritage festival…


Was the Stone Age Actually the Wood Age?

Neanderthals were even better craftsmen than thought, a new analysis of 300,000-year-old wooden tools has revealed.


MAGA Is Demoting the Pro-Life Forces It Once Coddled

Kari Lake’s appearance at Arizona State University last week was billed as a town hall, but it wasn’t really, because…


A Party for the Haters

The writers behind Hate Reads, a pop-up newsletter for airing grievances and pet peeves, got up on their soap boxes.


Robert Kagan Takes the Long View on Trumpism

Describe your ideal reading experience (when, where, what, how). Midnight, at the kitchen table, with a bowl of cornflakes. How…

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