Adams Administration and N.Y. City Council Trade Harassment Accusations

The Council speaker requested an investigation of police officials’ use of social media to attack critics. The mayor’s office asked…


The Aggressive and Expensive Legal Team Defending Mayor Adams

With Mayor Eric Adams and his top aides facing several investigations, he is amassing a team of high-powered lawyers paid…


Stephen Adams, Who Made Yale Music School Tuition-Free, Dies at 86

A billionaire businessman and a late-blooming piano aficionado, he set a record with the anonymous $100 million gift that he…


For Two Color-Obsessed Artists, a White-Walled Home

IN 1973, THE painter Stanley Whitney moved into a long, skinny loft overlooking Cooper Square in downtown Manhattan. In the…


A New Plan to Hire Thousands of Workers to Help N.Y.C. Families in Need

The News Adrienne Adams, the speaker of the City Council, announced on Wednesday an effort to help hire New Yorkers…


The World Feels the Trump Touch

According to Pew Research, the share of voters who say that the United States provides “too much” support to Ukraine…


Bloomberg and Other Billionaires Donated to Eric Adams Legal-Defense Fund

Mr. Adams set up the fund amid a broad federal corruption investigation into his campaign’s fund-raising practices.


New York’s Leadership Is Faltering at a Key Moment

David Firestone: Hi, Mara, and welcome to a year that’s going to be full of news about Mayor Eric Adams…


New York City Sues Bus Companies That Brought 30,000 Migrants From Texas

The lawsuit accuses 17 companies of carrying out a plan by the governor of Texas to send tens of thousands…


Homicides and Shootings Fell in New York City as Felony Assaults Rose

Car thefts also increased amid a slight drop in crime overall in 2023, police officials said on Wednesday.

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