U.S. to Announce New Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles

The administration could raise tariffs on electric vehicles from China to 100 percent in an attempt to protect American auto…


Growth Stocks. Value Stocks. What Do Those Labels Mean?

Using index funds to make bets on these key categories is hazardous, our columnist says.


Why Companies Are Nervous About the Consumer

On earnings calls, dozens of corporate executives have cited a slowdown in spending to explain why sales are slipping.


Tuna Crabs, Neither Tuna Nor Crabs, Are Swarming Near San Diego

Divers and marine biologists are getting a window into the lives of a red crustacean most often found in the…


Young Voters Aren’t Happy With Biden. But Will They Abandon Him?

Are many young people distressed about the war in Gaza? Yes. Are they unhappy with President Biden’s approach to the…


How 360,000 Haitians Wound Up Living in Empty Lots and Crowded Schools

In a worsening humanitarian crisis, Haitians have been forced to flee their homes in the face of gang onslaughts, but…


When These Snakes Play Dead, Soiling Themselves Is Part of the Act

Dice snakes found on an island in southeastern Europe fully commit themselves to the role of ex-reptile.


Shots, Shots, Shots! Why Tiny Drinks Are on the Rise.

Toward the end of the night at Theodora, an elegant Mediterranean restaurant that opened in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood in…


In Medicine, the Morally Unthinkable Too Easily Comes to Seem Normal

Here is the way I remember it: The year is 1985, and a few medical students are gathered around an…


House Republicans’ Next Target: Reports of Antisemitism in K-12 Schools

After helping topple two college presidents, Congress will grill school district leaders from New York City; Berkeley, Calif.; and Montgomery…

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