Christie’s Website Is Brought Down by Hackers Days Before $840 Million Auctions

The auctioneer’s website was taken offline on Thursday evening and remained down on Friday, days before its spring auctions were…


The Black Female Artists Redefining Minimalism

JENNIE C. JONES was a 20-year-old art student when she first saw the work of the minimalist painter and sculptor…


Who Owns a Drawing That May Be Nazi Loot? A Judge Will Decide.

A drawing Egon Schiele made of his wife is the focus of a dispute among a Lehman foundation and heirs…


Surrealism Reigns at Tefaf Art Fair

Objects made under the influence of the art movement have inspired many contemporary and modern dealers at the 10th edition…


‘Challengers’ and That Ending: Our Critics Have Thoughts

The tennis movie comes to an abrupt stop midmatch, so we don’t know who won. Does that matter?


At SFMOMA, Disability Artwork Makes History

In 1974, Florence Ludins-Katz and Elias Katz — she an artist, he a psychologist — turned the garage of their…


Frank Stella Went From Bauhaus to Fun House

Frank Stella, who died on Saturday at age 87, once joked that he harbored only one regret. We were sitting…


Frank Stella, Towering Artist and Master of Reinvention, Dies at 87

He moved American art away from Abstract Expressionism toward cool minimalism. His explorations of color and form were endlessly discussed…


The London Design Gallery That Is ‘Nonstop Exploring, Experimenting’

It was love at first sight, said Loïc Le Gaillard, a founder of the Carpenters Workshop Gallery (C.W.G.). The design…


Court Says Italy Is Rightful Owner of Bronze Held by Getty Museum

The European Court of Human Rights has found that Italy’s claims to a contested Greek statue are legitimate. But the…

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