How a Remote Australian Town Nearly Ran Out of Food

Many isolated Indigenous communities are dependent on fragile supply chains. This year, floods made that dramatically clear.


Teenager Fatally Shot by Australian Police After He Stabbed a Man

The episode occurred just weeks after two major stabbing attacks in the country. The teen had been under monitoring for…


‘Dead Poets Society’ Has Some Distinctly Australian Relevance

Brought to life by the Australian director Peter Weir, the movie’s conflict reflects a collective cultural trait his fellow citizens…


29 Pilot Whales Die After Mass Stranding on Australian Beach

Of the 160 whales stranded near the town of Dunsborough on Thursday morning, more than 100 were saved and returned…


After Months of Cocaine Washing Ashore, Australian Police Make an Arrest

Drug parcels kept showing up on beaches along Australia’s shoreline. Now, the police say they found the man behind the…


Should We Change Species to Save Them?

For tens of millions of years, Australia has been a playground for evolution, and the land Down Under lays claim…


In Australia, a Nation’s Banh Mi Love Affair

“We’ll make the best of it here. And they can call it a pork roll.”


As Relations Thaw, China Lifts Tariffs on Australian Wine

Despite its thirst for Australian wine, China had taxed the imports in 2020 over a dispute about Covid-19. The nations…


Happy-Go-Lucky Australia Is Feeling Neither Happy, Nor Lucky

After enjoying decades of prosperity, the country has hit stubborn economic turbulence.


Was He Secretly Working for China? This Is What He Told Us.

Di Sanh Duong openly said that some people might mistake him for a Chinese spy, but he maintained that he…

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