Orangutan, Heal Thyself

For the first time, scientists observed a primate in the wild treating a wound with a plant that has medicinal…


Vaccines Didn’t Turn Back Mpox, Study Finds. People Did.

The News The 2022 outbreak of mpox, previously known as monkeypox, was curbed in large part by drastic changes in…


Polly Wants a Cracker, but She Wants to Make It Easier to Chew

Goffin’s cockatoos, long known as adept tool users, are the first parrots found to alter their food by dipping it…


This Elephant Taught Herself to Peel Bananas

An elephant at the Berlin Zoo can use her trunk to peel bananas, an unusual behavior she engages in only…


No, Female Mice Are Not More Erratic

A new study challenges a century-old assumption used to exclude female mice from scientific research because of their hormonal cycles.

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