Senate Approves Bill to Reauthorize F.A.A. and Improve Air Travel

The Senate also passed a short-term extension of the current F.A.A. law to give the House time to clear the…


TikTok Broke the Tech Law Logjam. Can That Success Be Repeated?

For years, federal lawmakers have tried to pass legislation to rein in the tech giants. The TikTok law was their…


On TikTok, Resignation and Frustration After Potential Ban of App

While Congress says the social app is a security threat, critics of the law targeting it say it shows how…


Here’s What’s in the Foreign Aid Package That Is Headed Toward Becoming Law

Assistance for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan is paired with legislation to impose fresh rounds of sanctions on Iran and Russia…


Senate Moves Toward Approving Aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

Support for the package in the Senate is expected to be overwhelming and bipartisan, and President Biden has urged lawmakers…


Monday Briefing: U.S. Poised to Resume Aid to Ukraine

Also, Iran appears to stand down after Israel’s strike and Myanmar’s conflict may be shifting.


Johnson Pushes Ahead on Foreign Aid Bill, Teeing Up a Weekend Vote

The Republican speaker, with his job on the line, said he expected Saturday evening votes on the long-stalled package of…


‘Man’s Castle’: Free Love, Hard Times

Restored to its original length and screening at the Museum of Modern Art, this 1933 movie starring Spencer Tracy feels…


Tuesday Briefing

A chance for U.S. aid to Ukraine and Israel.


Johnson Says House Will Vote on Stalled Aid to Israel and Ukraine

The speaker, who has delayed for months amid G.O.P. opposition to funding for Kyiv, said he would bring up foreign…

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