An Office With 128,000 Miles

As a reporter covering Texas, I ate, worked and slept in my trusty, company-issued Chevy. So allow me a moment…


G.M. Will Retire the Chevrolet Malibu to Make More Electric Cars

The gasoline-powered Malibu was the last affordable sedan sold by Chevrolet, the General Motors brand, in the United States.


Alpine Is Trying, It Really Is, to Win in Formula 1

The team keeps making changes, to its cars and to its team, but continues to struggle.


China’s Electric Cars Keep Improving, a Worry for Rivals Elsewhere

More capable autonomous driving is just one way Chinese automakers are threatening to pull ahead — their E.V.s are also…


‘It Is Desolate’: China’s Glut of Unused Car Factories

Manufacturers like BYD, Tesla and Li Auto are cutting prices to move their electric cars. For gasoline-powered vehicles, the surplus…


What to Know About China’s Export Dominance

From cars to solar panels to furniture, China is using lavish bank lending and enormous investments in robotics to cement…


A Union Vote at Volkswagen Is a Big Test for Organized Labor

If workers at a plant in Tennessee agree to unionize, it would reflect the growing power of groups like the…


Expired Paper License Plates Multiplied During Covid. The Crackdown Is Here.

Officials are moving to increase enforcement and change laws to correct the “breakdown in automotive law and order,” part of…


Deluge Batters U.A.E. and Oman, Killing at Least 20

A relentless deluge of rain battered the United Arab Emirates and Oman this week, killing at least 20 people, causing…


Norfolk Southern Settles Derailment Suit for $600 Million

The railroad company will pay residents and businesses in East Palestine, Ohio, and the surrounding area after a derailment last…

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