U.S. to Announce New Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles

The administration could raise tariffs on electric vehicles from China to 100 percent in an attempt to protect American auto…


Xi to Head for Friendly Ports in an Eastern Europe Disenchanted With China

After leaving France later Tuesday, the Chinese leader will visit Serbia and Hungary, whose authoritarian leaders offer a haven for…


What to Know About Xi Jinping’s Trip to Europe

The Chinese president this week will be visiting France, Serbia and Hungary. His trip comes at a time of tensions…


Monday Briefing: Xi Jinping Visits Europe

Also, Israel cracks down on Al Jazeera and Myanmar’s rebels get creative with drones.


Campus Protests Give Russia, China and Iran Fuel to Exploit U.S. Divide

America’s adversaries have mounted online campaigns to amplify the social and political conflicts over Gaza flaring at universities, researchers say.


Giant Pandas Are Returning to San Diego, China Announces

“Panda diplomacy” has represented an area of cooperation between the United States and China despite tension over weighty issues of…


Expressway Collapses in Southern China Amid Heavy Rains, Killing 24

The road gave way in the early morning in an apparent landslide. At least 30 other people were injured, many…


Blinken Tours China to Promote Some Ties, While the U.S. Severs Others

Tensions over economic ties are running high, threatening to disrupt a fragile cooperation between the U.S. and China.


Who Gains from Elon Musk’s Visit to China?

Tesla’s C.E.O. appears to have landed a deal that moves the company closer to bringing fully autonomous driving to a…


The United States Had Every Right To Force a TikTok Sale

China’s violations of human rights and the basic norms of internet freedom are blatant and obvious. This month, with little…

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