Second Democrat Emerges to Cloud Mayor Adams’s Path to Re-Election

Zellnor Myrie, a left-leaning state senator from Brooklyn, is moving to run against Mayor Eric Adams in the Democratic primary…


Inquiry Into Johannesburg Fire Blames City Officials for Deadly Conditions

Although a resident confessed to setting the August 2023 blaze that killed 76 people in a dilapidated building, a report…


How Hudson Yards Went From Bust to Boom

The planned neighborhood in the far west of Manhattan has rebounded, at least in terms of leasing office space.


Eric Adams Seizes Role as Face of the Crackdown on Student Protests

Mayor Eric Adams on Wednesday defended the overnight arrests of nearly 300 campus protesters in New York City, praising the…


Goodbye, Gas. The Future of New York City’s Pizza Is Electric.

And just in time for a new city ordinance regulating pollution emitted by wood- and coal-fired ovens.


Millions of New Yorkers Wait to Hear How Much Their Rent Will Go Up

The Rent Guidelines Board will cast a preliminary vote on the level of rent increases that tenants in New York…


Louisiana Will Get a New City After a Yearslong Court Battle

The State Supreme Court cleared the way for a part of Baton Rouge to become the city of St. George.…


Tornado Kills 5 in Guangzhou, a Chinese City Battered by Recent Rains

Videos shared by Chinese official media showed transmission towers and power lines igniting and debris swirling in the air in…


A Guide to Antwerp, a City of Avant-Garde Fashion and Art Nouveau Architecture

Five locals — including three of Belgium’s most influential designers — share their favorite stores, museums, restaurants and more.


Welcome to Venice. That’ll Be 5 Euros, Please.

Venice’s first day implementing a fee to enter the historic center went mostly smoothly, but there were some protests and…

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