Inside an Abortion Clinic Days Before Florida’s Six-Week Ban Takes Effect

On one of the last days it would be legal to get an abortion until 15 weeks of pregnancy in…


Wyoming Banned Abortion. She Opened an Abortion Clinic Anyway.

It was not such an implausible idea, back in 2020, when a philanthropist emailed Julie Burkhart to ask if she…


One in Six Abortions Is Done With Pills Prescribed Online, Data Shows

The first nationwide count of telehealth abortions includes pills mailed to states with abortion bans by clinicians in states with…


Major Embryo Shipping Company Halts Business in Alabama

The decision means I.V.F. patients who want to transfer frozen embryos to another state may not be able to do…


Antibiotic Shortage Could Worsen Syphilis Epidemic

The primary drug used to treat the sexually transmitted infection could be scarce into next year, Pfizer warns.


Have Eggs, Will Travel. To Freeze Them.

Faced with the high cost of egg-freezing in their home countries, some women are going abroad for a better deal,…

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