Palestinian Flags Fly at Protests Worldwide. They Won’t Be at Eurovision.

The organizers of the glitzy singing contest said that attendees would be allowed to wave only the flags of participating…


‘October Rain,’ Israel’s Proposed Eurovision Entry, Causes a Storm

A song called “October Rain” might simply be a ballad about dreary fall weather. But in the charged atmosphere following…


Sweden Wins a Eurovision Song Contest That Showed Solidarity With Ukraine

After winning the competition last year, Ukraine should have been this year’s host, but Britain stepped in to help the…


How Liverpool Put on a Song Contest for Ukraine

This year’s event would be “Ukraine’s party,” a broadcasting official said. It just happens to be taking place in Britain.


It’s Called Eurovision. So Why Is Australia Part of It?

Australia has been one of the event’s biggest markets outside Europe. Since 2015, it has been a contestant, but that…


Americans Will (Probably) Be Able to Vote in Eurovision Next Year

People in countries that do not take part in the Eurovision Song Contest will be able to vote for their…

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