The C.E.O.s Who Just Won’t Quit

In September 2013, in a darkened auditorium, Microsoft’s chief executive, Steve Ballmer, faced a roaring crowd of his employees. “You…


‘To the Future’: Saudi Arabia Spends Big to Become an A.I. Superpower

On a Monday morning last month, tech executives, engineers and sales representatives from Amazon, Google, TikTok and other companies endured…


Wanted: An Executive to Repair Boeing

The plane maker, which is searching for a new chief executive, is likely to consider a small number of people,…


Under Armour’s Founder Will Return as C.E.O.

Kevin Plank, the sports apparel company’s controlling shareholder, will seek to reinvigorate the struggling brand.


Key OpenAI Executive Played a Pivotal Role in Sam Altman’s Ouster

Mira Murati, OpenAI’s chief technology officer, brought questions about Mr. Altman’s management to the board last year before he was…


Southern Baptists Say Justice Dept. Has Closed Abuse Inquiry Into Leadership Body

A Southern Baptist Convention leader said federal investigators had informed the executive committee that there would be no charges against…


Debra OConnell to Oversee News at Disney

Ms. OConnell, a longtime executive at Disney, will become the president of a newly created division that will include ABC…


Disney Has ‘Turned the Corner’ After a Strong Quarter, Iger Says

The company, facing pressure from activist investors, surpassed expectations for earnings and slowed its streaming losses.


U.S. Criminally Charges EBay in Cyberstalking Case

The case involves eBay employees trying to intimidate a Massachusetts couple who write and produce an e-commerce newsletter. The company…


Pat McAfee’s On-Air Slams of ESPN Executive Show a Network Power Shift

For decades, the biggest star at ESPN was ESPN. That’s changing as it transitions from cable dominance to a much…

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