Biden Is Not the First U.S. President to Cut Off Weapons to Israel

Ronald Reagan also used the power of American arms to influence Israeli war policy. The comparison underscores how much the…


No Encampment, No Tents: Where Princeton’s Protest Found Its Gravity

After a sit-in and the occupation of a campus building, about a dozen demonstrators have turned to a hunger strike.


How Pro-Palestinian Students Pushed Trinity College Dublin to Divest

A surge of attention hit Ireland’s most prestigious university over protests that involved Israel, Gaza and the famed medieval Book…


Chad’s Military Ruler Is Announced as Winner of Disputed Election

The Central African country’s incumbent president and his prime minister both ran. Shortly after the prime minister claimed victory, the…


The C.E.O.s Who Just Won’t Quit

In September 2013, in a darkened auditorium, Microsoft’s chief executive, Steve Ballmer, faced a roaring crowd of his employees. “You…


Houston Police Chief Departs Amid Inquiry Into Suspended Cases

The abrupt retirement of Chief Troy Finner followed months of scrutiny into 260,000 crime reports, including for sexual assault, that…


Close Friends, Competing for Coveted Olympic Spots. Who Would Make It?

Conner Mantz’s arms were shaking as he warmed up for the Olympic marathon trials in Orlando in February. Mr. Mantz,…


George Takei Keeps Faith With Democracy

The Unstoppables is a series about people whose ambition is undimmed by time. Below, George Takei explains, in his own…


R.F.K. Jr. Says Doctors Found a Dead Worm in His Brain

In 2010, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was experiencing memory loss and mental fogginess so severe that a friend grew concerned…


He Knows It’s Important to Admit Mistakes. He’s Made Many.

Glenn Loury thought maybe the world — maybe he — had been wrong about Derek Chauvin, the police officer convicted…

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