As Gaza Talks Falter, Negotiators Look for a Deal or a Scapegoat

President Biden’s decision to withhold offensive weapons if Israel attacks Rafah has scrambled cease-fire talks. But much of the various…


A Thank-You Note to the Campus Protesters

Dear anti-Israel campus protesters: Though it may take a few years before you realize it, supporters of Israel like me…


Taylor Swift Needs to Become Other People

The biggest cultural news of the month is that a lot of people are kind of “meh” about Taylor Swift’s…


Some Older Women Need Extra Breast Scans. Why Won’t Medicare Pay?

Mammography can miss tumors in women with dense breasts, so their doctors often include ultrasound or M.R.I. scans. Patients often…


What Worries Me Most About a Trump Presidency

There are almost daily headlines now describing what Donald Trump would do if elected: the mass deportations, the pardons handed…


Anyone Who Thinks Trump Is Done With Abortion Is a Fool

Donald Trump does not speak from conviction. He does not speak from belief or at least no belief other than…


Why Some Billionaires Will Back Trump

Donald Trump’s campaign is reportedly strapped for cash. Small-dollar donations are running far behind their 2020 pace. Big Trump rallies…


The Thrill of a Great Steak House Isn’t the Food. It’s the Theater.

Put on your rhinestones and revel in an old-school fantasy of excess.


How Do I Evict My Roommates?

Even if your rental arrangement is off the books, tenants have legal rights that you need to consider.


Manchin, ‘Not Here Campaigning,’ Stirs 2024 Chatter in New Hampshire

The attention-seeking West Virginia senator, who has teased a late third-party presidential bid, tried to keep up the suspense at…

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