A German Initiative to Keep Workers Employed by Retraining Them

When Emrullah Karaca began working at a factory in Gifhorn, Germany, where the auto parts supplier Continental builds components for…


What to Watch Today in the April Jobs Report

Economists expect another strong month for job creation, even as other indicators of labor demand weaken.


The Fed Is Eyeing the Job Market, but It’s Difficult to Read

Fed officials are watching labor trends as they contemplate when to cut rates. But different measures are telling different stories.


Can a ‘Not Charlotte’ Recipe Revive a Region?

Scott Kidd didn’t expect a terribly busy job when he became the town manager of Liberty, N.C., a onetime furniture…


Job Openings and Hiring Are at a 3-Year Ebb

March data showed a cooling labor market, but layoffs remain low. The overall trend is likely to be welcomed by…


Class of 2024, It’s Not in Your Head: The Job Market Is Tough

Here is a brutal fact for the college class of 2024: There aren’t enough college-level jobs out there for all…


Employers added 303,000 jobs in the 39th straight month of growth.

Another month, another burst of strong job gains. Employers added 303,000 jobs in March on a seasonally adjusted basis, the…


When a Job Becomes a Literal Hell

In an era of continual burnout, artists and filmmakers are now imagining what it looks like when workers finally explode.


Leaving ‘Mr. Mom’ Behind

With more men choosing to stay at home with their kids, the stigma — and the notion that they’re just…


Three Lessons From a Surprisingly Resilient Job Market

The recovery from the pandemic lockdowns has prompted economists to consider whether their playbook is outdated or just missing a…

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