Former White House Aide Returns to Stand in Trump’s Criminal Trial

The aide, Madeleine Westerhout, testified about a key Oval Office meeting between Donald J. Trump and Michael D. Cohen, his…


Trump, Venting About Lawyer in His Criminal Trial, Seeks More Aggression

Todd Blanche upended his career to represent Donald J. Trump and has been the former president’s favorite. But Mr. Trump…


Tougher Security Measures Are Causing Upset at Guantánamo Prison

An effort to unshackle a detainee during legal meetings has put a spotlight on simmering tensions in the Pentagon’s secretive…


Trump’s Defense Team Argues First Amendment Prohibits Georgia Charges

Fulton County prosecutors say Donald J. Trump’s comments about the 2020 election were meant to advance a broad criminal scheme…


Judge Won’t Punish Michael Cohen For Relying on Artificial Intelligence

Former President Donald J. Trump’s onetime fixer gave his lawyer fake legal citations concocted by the artificial intelligence program Google…


Tesla Settles Discrimination Suit With Former Factory Worker

The carmaker and energy company settled with a Black man who had worked at its California factory and had won…


As Trump’s Criminal Trial Approaches, He May Be His Own Worst Enemy

In civil cases, Donald J. Trump has ordered attorneys around from the defense table and insisted on testifying. The stakes…


Texts Show Witness Readily Helped Build a Case to Disqualify Trump Prosecutors

Terrence Bradley was a reluctant witness in court, but text messages show he was eager to help an effort to…


How Do I Evict My Roommates?

Even if your rental arrangement is off the books, tenants have legal rights that you need to consider.


Trump’s Georgia Lawyers Surface Phone Records in Effort to Remove Prosecutors

The lawyers presented an affidavit describing cellphone records they will likely use to try to prove the prosecutors lied about…

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