Thailand Prime Minister Seeks to Criminalize Weed in Reversal

Thailand had decriminalized marijuana in 2022, but the country’s new government is pushing for stricter drug laws.


Justice Dept. Recommends Easing Restrictions on Marijuana

The move kicks off a lengthy rule-making process and could amount to a major change in federal policy.


As He Exits Congress, Blumenauer Wants His Party to Embrace Pot Legalization

The long-serving congressman from Portland, who has become the top marijuana advocate on Capitol Hill, believes the issue could boost…


Federal Scientists Recommend Easing Restrictions on Marijuana

In newly disclosed documents, federal researchers find that cannabis may have medical uses and is less likely to cause harm…


Marijuana Buyers From Texas Fuel a ‘Little Amsterdam’ in New Mexico

ACROSS THE COUNTRY Marijuana Buyers From Texas Fuel a ‘Little Amsterdam’ in New Mexico Sunland Park, along the Rio Grande,…


Federal Law Requires a Choice: Marijuana or a Gun?

For Vera Cooper, the time had come to buy a gun. In her mid-70s at the time and widowed several…


How 1.2 Million Marijuana Arrests Will Shape New York’s Legal Market

A new map illustrating 42 years of marijuana arrests documents the way that New York disproportionately targeted working-class, Black and…


A Hazy Issue for Couples: One Smokes (Pot), the Other Doesn’t

In many relationships, tensions arise as recreational cannabis use becomes more routine.


Consumption of Marijuana Edibles Surges Among Children, Study Finds

The ingestion of edibles by children under 6 has risen rapidly since the start of the pandemic, contributing to a…


It’s Not Just About Pot. Our Entire Drug Policy Needs an Overhaul.

The failure of American drug law, particularly marijuana policy, has long been obvious. Finally, this October, President Biden ordered the…

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