The Cities With the Most Dog-Friendly Rentals

And the most popular breed and dog name in each.


Getting Back to Basics on Free Speech

At colleges and universities across the country, from Cal Poly-Humboldt to Columbia, students have been protesting against the war in…


Online Dating After 50 Can Be Miserable. But It’s Also Liberating.

When my marriage collapsed after 23 years, I was devastated and overwhelmed. I was in my 50s, with two jobs,…


Who ‘Won’ Covid? It Depends How You Measure.

Twenty months ago, in July 2022, I wrote a long essay sketching what I called the “pretty brutal” endemic future…


Oct. 7 Shattered Netanyahu’s Legacy. The War Saved Him — for Now.

The moment Israel’s devastating war in the Gaza Strip ends, the unfinished conflict within Israel over its future will begin…


The ‘Colorblindness’ Trap: How a Civil Rights Ideal Got Hijacked

The fall of affirmative action is part of a 50-year campaign to roll back racial progress.


In Prison or Out, Navalny Was the Thorn in Putin’s Side

A straight-talking former real estate lawyer, he stayed relevant even from prison, pleading with Russians not to give up or…


What MAGA Influencers Are Missing About Football

More than 100 million people are expected to watch this Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the…


‘Succession’ Auctions Off ‘Ludicrously Capacious Bag’ and Other, Less Capacious Props

Bidding on memorabilia from the Emmy-winning drama ends on Saturday. Lukas Matsson’s vape beckons.


After a Rip-Roaring 2023, the Markets Are Taking a Breather

The stock market’s long-term path has been persistently upward, our columnist says, but there have been plenty of setbacks and…

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