Schools in One Virginia County to Reinstate Confederate Names

The school board voted on Friday to reverse a decision made four years ago, when the killing of George Floyd…


No, Your Honor, You Can’t Call Yourself ‘High Justice’ on the Ballot in Chinese

San Francisco has printed candidate names in Chinese characters since 1999. But now the city is cracking down on ones…


Why Some Parents Give Their Children a Last Name Other Than the Father’s

Some American parents have been breaking the patrilineal tradition for generations, but the number who do so remains small.


What to Do With a Bug Named Hitler?

Since the end of World War II, no scientific animal name has caused more of a stink than has Anophthalmus…


Election Worker Tells Jury: ‘Giuliani Just Messed Me Up’

Ruby Freeman, one of two Georgia election workers found to have been defamed by Rudolph W. Giuliani, testified at the…


The Fallout From the College Presidents’ Antisemitism Testimony

More from our inbox: The Homeless Problem Persists on the SubwayJewish Women PlaywrightsThe Rare Hardship of a Rare NameThe University…


North American Birds Will No Longer Be Named for Racists — or Anybody Else

On Nov. 1, the American Ornithological Society announced that it would be renaming all the birds under its purview that…


Why Are There So Many Jacintas?

The relatively uncommon name of Jacinta or Jacinda is shared among many famous people in New Zealand and Australia, with…


Jerry Moss, the ‘M’ of A&M Records, Is Dead at 88

In partnership with Herb Alpert, he turned a small independent label into a powerhouse with a roster full of superstars.


When Tragedy Strikes in China, the Government Cracks Down on Grief

The Chinese government represses public grief, withholding information and stanching displays of mourning to tell history the way it wants…

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