A ‘Skate Migration’ Is Changing How Atlanta Rolls

To parse the different regional roller skating styles in metro Atlanta rinks, watch the traffic patterns. Sparkles Family Fun Center…


Protests Swell in Georgia Over ‘Foreign Interests’ Bill

The authorities in the Eastern European nation said security forces had used water cannons and tear gas as demonstrators took…


The Best of Late Night, at the Movies and Beyond

The new horror-thriller “Late Night With the Devil” isn’t the only time late-night hosts, shows and sets become fodder for…


Where Are All the Cool Gays Hanging Out?

In “Long Live Queer Nightlife,” the L.G.B.T.Q. studies scholar Amin Ghaziani visits a new generation of ad hoc dance parties…


‘Late Night With the Devil’ Review: Selling Your Soul for the Ratings

An occult-obsessed nation is nimbly captured in this found-footage horror film about a late night show gone horribly wrong.


He’s Been Hiding Celebrities Since 2007

Going out, once a hallmark of celebrity status, took a hit this past year. Amid entertainment industry strikes and global…


In Iceland, a Fiery Show of Lava and Smoke

Pall Viggosson, a tour guide in Iceland, was driving a van carrying nine British tourists on Monday night in search…


Sebastian Maniscalco’s Toughest Audience Is His Kids

“When they laugh, it blows away the feeling of 20,000 people,” says the comedian, who stars in the new Max…


David Letterman Reclaims His Desk at ‘The Late Show’

Eight years after retiring from the CBS show, the former late-night host sat down with his successor, Stephen Colbert.


Watch the Leonids Meteor Shower Reach Its Peak This Weekend

On any given night, far from bright city lights, there’s a chance that you’ll see a beautiful streak shoot across…

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