A Thank-You Note to the Campus Protesters

Dear anti-Israel campus protesters: Though it may take a few years before you realize it, supporters of Israel like me…


‘Baby Reindeer’: What to Know About the True-ish Netflix Hit

The mini-series, based on the star’s experiences, has viewers wondering how much of it is real. Here’s the back story.


How Real Estate Became Showbiz and Agents Became Stars

The crowd began gathering at 5 p.m., into the movie-perfect backyard of a 1920s Spanish-style Los Angeles estate once owned…


How ‘Stereophonic’ Made Musicians Out of Actors

The new Broadway play conjures a group as dazzling as peak Fleetwood Mac. This is how five actors with limited…


Who Wants to Be a Traitor?

Reality stars and other people with some degree of fame are making no secret of their hopes to join the…


To Become Prince Andrew, He Needed More Than False Teeth

In the feature “Scoop,” streaming on Netflix, Rufus Sewell plays the disgraced royal blundering through a 2019 BBC interview.


The Homeowners Who Beat the National Association of Realtors

Six home sellers in Missouri successfully argued that the powerful real estate trade group’s rules on commissions forced them to…


A Racial Realignment in Politics Could Be a Good Thing

America will always be divided. There is no way to gather more than 300 million people from every race, faith…


A Big Step Toward a Fairer Housing Market

Some overcharges are right there for everybody to see. One of them is how much Americans have to pay to…


Five Ways Buying and Selling a House Could Change

The National Association of Realtors has agreed to change its policies to settle several lawsuits brought by home sellers —…

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