Watching the Protests From Israel

Produced by ‘The Ezra Klein Show’ Ultimately, the Gaza war protests sweeping campuses are about influencing Israeli politics. The protesters…


‘Dead Poets Society’ Has Some Distinctly Australian Relevance

Brought to life by the Australian director Peter Weir, the movie’s conflict reflects a collective cultural trait his fellow citizens…


Campus Protests Aren’t Going Away. Colleges Need to Draw Lines.

Student protests across the country continue to escalate, leading to mass arrests and police action. In this conversation with politics…


The Cruel Spectacle of British Asylum Policy

Last week Britain’s Parliament passed a law that seeks to redefine reality. The Safety of Rwanda Act declares Rwanda a…


The Ghost of the 1968 Antiwar Movement Has Returned

At the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, anti-Vietnam War protesters clashed with police officers — whose brutal role in…


What Began as a War on Theater Won’t End There

Productions of plays in America’s high schools have been increasingly under attack. In 2023, Anton Chekhov’s “Three Sisters”was rejected in…


The Quiet Magic of Middle Managers

Nobody writes poems about middle managers. Nobody gets too romantic about the person who runs a department at a company,…


Fulfilling Our Mom’s Dream to See the Solar Eclipse

If all goes according to plan, on April 8, our 75-year-old mother, Nancy, will be settled into a lawn chair…


Hollywood’s New Fantasy: A Magical, Colorblind Past

Films and TV shows keep reimagining history as a multiracial dream world. Is that really a step forward?


People Hated ‘Madame Web’ — But They Were Desperate to See Dakota Johnson Mock It.

T​he star has never quite said the movie was bad, but it’s fun to imagine a celebrity going scorched-earth on…

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