Ilon Specht, Who Empowered Women With ‘I’m Worth It’ Ad, Dies at 81

She came up with the feminist campaign, for a hair color product, when challenging the notions of men at her…


The Black Female Artists Redefining Minimalism

JENNIE C. JONES was a 20-year-old art student when she first saw the work of the minimalist painter and sculptor…


Former White House Aide Returns to Stand in Trump’s Criminal Trial

The aide, Madeleine Westerhout, testified about a key Oval Office meeting between Donald J. Trump and Michael D. Cohen, his…


Watch Out for the Better Mother

Sometimes, particularly in a public parenting setting, I will play the Better Mother. This is the mother who stands attentively…


She Wanted to Help Strangers. Would They Take Her Up on It?

Bianca Giaever wasn’t feeling very helpful in her daily life, so she tried to do small favors for passers-by in…


How Should an Amy Winehouse Movie Be?

Several depictions of the singer’s life have explored her tense relationship with fame. The new biopic “Back to Black” instead…


On Andra Day’s ‘Cassandra (Cherith),’ a Soaring Voice Reaches Inward

After playing Billie Holiday onscreen, the singer brings jazz virtuosity to songs of her own.


Fresh Off Defeat in Speaker Fight, Greene Relishes the Chaos She Wrought

The hard-right congresswoman from Georgia failed spectacularly in her bid to depose Speaker Mike Johnson. But for a figure who…


Are R.F.K. Jr. Signature Gatherers Misleading New Yorkers for Ballot Access?

More than half a dozen New York City residents described encounters with people seeking their signature who did not make…


Tuna Crabs, Neither Tuna Nor Crabs, Are Swarming Near San Diego

Divers and marine biologists are getting a window into the lives of a red crustacean most often found in the…

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