Sweet Tea-Brined Roast Chicken for Sunday Supper

With horseradish-Cheddar tuna melts and vegan tantanmen for the coming week.


Secrets of a Danish Castle

My first conscious memory occurred on the lower landing of a staircase that spiraled up four floors of the 14th-century,…


‘Hot Sheet’ Lays Out Sweet and Savory Recipes for Sheet-Pan Devotees

Sip teas inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, learn to cook the cuisine of Punjab and more food news.


Britain Confronts Fears of a (Gasp!) Tea Shortage

Shipping issues in the Red Sea have led to delays in tea deliveries, but British retailers assured consumers that any…


Lift a Pinky. It’s Time for Tea.

Phoebe Cheong and Jude Andam, friends who live on opposite coasts, have recently begun a tradition whenever they see each…


The Boston Tea Party Turns 250 and Raises 21st-Century Questions

How does the most famous act of politically motivated property destruction in American history speak to our own polarized moment?


The Longer This Cake Soaks, the Better It Is

The faint bitterness of Thai tea gets absorbed into tres leches, checking the sweetness, so it’s just enough.


Tea, a Train and an Epic Sunrise at a Summer Retreat of the Raj

Darjeeling, in the Himalayan foothills, is famous for its tea, its elevated railroad and the view of dawn breaking over…


In an Indian Village, Cultivating Girls’ Big-League Dreams

The girls arrive at the makeshift cricket ground on their bicycles, a narrow file of white athletic uniforms breezing down…


How a Laundry Entrepreneur Spends Her Sundays

It’s all about grocery shopping and cooking for LaChena Clark, who likes to serve afternoon tea in her home.

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