Pasteurized Dairy Foods Free of Live Bird Flu, Federal Tests Confirm

But the scope of the outbreak among cattle remains uncertain, and little human testing has been done.


Harvard Will Require Test Scores for Admission

The university is the latest highly selective school to end its policy that made submitting SAT or ACT scores optional.


How a Snake Uses Its Sense of Smell

These reptiles and their social networks are understudied, according to researchers applying scents to different snakes to assess their behavior.


North Korea Missile Test Hints at Greater Menace to U.S. Bases

The test, analysts said, may have involved a new intermediate-range hypersonic missile that is faster to launch and more difficult…


No, the SAT Isn’t Racist

That’s three down: Last week, Brown University reinstated standardized testing as a part of its admissions requirements, following Yale and…


A Blood Test Shows Promise for Early Colon Cancer Detection

Many patients are reluctant to undergo colonoscopies or conduct at-home fecal tests. Doctors see potential in another screening method.


U. of Texas at Austin Will Return to Standardized Test Requirement

The university said SAT and ACT scores help it place students in programs that fit them best.


Who Needs Paper? Many Students Embrace the All-Digital SAT.

Several test takers across the country found themselves in favor of the new format of the college admissions exam —…


No More No. 2 Pencils: The SAT Goes Fully Digital

The new format cuts nearly an hour out of the exam and has shorter reading passages.


Brown University Will Reinstate Standardized Tests for Admission

The school joins Yale, Dartmouth and M.I.T. in backtracking on “test optional” policies adopted during the pandemic.

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