We Have a Housing Crisis. This New Jersey Town Has a Solution.

Palisades Park is ending the tyranny of single-family homes.


The Case for Hope

Mr. Kristof is the author of a new memoir, “Chasing Hope: A Reporter’s Life,” from which this essay is adapted.…


The Ever-Resilient Pupfish Makes a Comeback in Death Valley

The spring population of the critically endangered species is at a 25-year high, a surprising rebound in a tiny desert…


Google Unveils A.I. for Predicting Behavior of Human Molecules

The system, AlphaFold3, could accelerate efforts to understand the human body and fight disease.


A Baguette Is Baked in France

Whoops, we left out this part: It was almost 500 feet long, beating out a loaf baked in Italy in…


Hats on and Off at the 150th Kentucky Derby

America’s most famous horse race may be celebrating a big anniversary this year, but the hats are the real stars…


One Photo That Captures the Loss in Gaza

An American surgeon who volunteered in Gaza sent me a photo that sears me with its glimpse of overwhelming grief:…


$850,000 Homes in Lisbon, Portugal

A townhouse in Belém, an apartment with a balcony in Santos and an apartment on a plaza in Alfama.


The Fed Is Eyeing the Job Market, but It’s Difficult to Read

Fed officials are watching labor trends as they contemplate when to cut rates. But different measures are telling different stories.


An Artist From Kosovo Takes Flight

When the Kosovar artist Petrit Halilaj received an invitation for his biggest project ever in the United States, he knew…

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