Ukraine Strikes More Russian Oil Facilities in a Bid to Disrupt Military Logistics

Analysts say Ukraine is trying to disrupt the Russian military’s logistical routes and combat operations by targeting the facilities that…


Russia Hits Ukrainian Power Plants, Further Straining Energy System

The assault, a day after Vladimir V. Putin was sworn in for a fifth term as Russian president, is part…


Ukraine Says It Foiled Russian Plot to Kill Zelensky

The Ukrainian security services arrested two Ukrainian colonels and accused them of spying for Russia. They said the plot also…


In Meeting With Xi, E.U. Leader Takes Tough Line on Ukraine War

Ursula Von der Leyen, the European Commission president, pushed Beijing to help rein in Russia’s war in Ukraine after meeting…


Ukraine Could Use New Weapons to Hit Russian Targets in Crimea, Pentagon Says

The goal for a recent delivery of the coveted long-range missile system is to put more pressure on Russian forces…


Speaking Russian in America

In January 2022, I was planning a summer trip to Ukraine and Russia for my 4-year-old son and me. I…


U.S. Secretly Shipped New Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine

Ukrainian forces for the first time used a longer-range version of weapons known as ATACMS, striking an airfield in Crimea…


Aid to Ukraine Is on the Way. Here’s How It Might Help.

Weapons from the aid package, considered “a lifeline” for Ukraine’s military, could be arriving on the battlefield within days.


Wednesday Briefing

U.S. Senate approves long-stalled foreign aid.


Wednesday Briefing: Senate Votes on Ukraine Aid

Also, a former tabloid publisher testifies against Donald Trump.

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