College Parent Arrested After Confrontation at Syracuse Campus Protest

Ronn Torossian, an associate of Mayor Eric Adams, said he was protesting what he sees as Syracuse University’s inadequate response…


No Encampment, No Tents: Where Princeton’s Protest Found Its Gravity

After a sit-in and the occupation of a campus building, about a dozen demonstrators have turned to a hunger strike.


U.S.C. President Censured by Academic Senate After Weeks of Turmoil

Carol Folt had been under fire for canceling a valedictorian’s speech and calling in the police, who cleared an encampment…


Pro-Palestinian Encampments Spread to Campuses in Other Countries

Pro-Palestinian students at one of France’s most elite universities, Sciences Po, occupied a campus building overnight. Like-minded demonstrators at University…


Campus Protests Over Gaza Spotlight the Work of Student Journalists

Their updates come in harried bursts. Real-time narrations of the scene at Columbia University’s protest encampment in Manhattan, interspersed with…


Larry Young, Who Studied the Chemistry of Love, Dies at 56

Professor Young’s experiments with prairie voles revealed what poets never could: how the brain processes that fluttering feeling in the…


Rare Editions of Pushkin Are Vanishing From Libraries Around Europe

Dozens of books have disappeared from Warsaw to Paris. The police are looking into who is taking them, and why…


Eric Adams Seizes Role as Face of the Crackdown on Student Protests

Mayor Eric Adams on Wednesday defended the overnight arrests of nearly 300 campus protesters in New York City, praising the…


Wednesday Briefing

Demonstrations disrupt U.S. colleges.


Wednesday Briefing: Clashes Escalate on U.S. Campuses

Also, a judge fined Donald Trump for breaking a gag owner.

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