Scientists Find an ‘Alphabet’ in Whale Songs

Ever since the discovery of whale songs almost 60 years ago, scientists have been trying to decipher their lyrics. Are…


Why Do Whales Go Through Menopause?

A new study argues that the change brought these females an evolutionary advantage — and perhaps did the same for…


These Whales Still Use Their Vocal Cords. But How?

Unusual experiments on organs recovered from three carcasses suggest how baleen whales call out at sea.


The Whale Who Went AWOL

On April 26, 2019, a beluga whale appeared near Tufjord, a village in northern Norway, immediately alarming fishermen in the…


Unlocking the Genes That Made Whales Into Giants

With names like titanosaurus and giganotosaurus, you’d be forgiven for thinking that dinosaurs were the most massive animals to ever…

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