Sony TV

Sony TV

Sony TV refers to television equipment manufactured and sold by Sony Corporation. Sony is a world-renowned Japanese electronics company and has been producing high-quality televisions for years. Sony TVs are known for their slim designs, high-resolution displays and various technological features.

Sony TVs typically include the following technologies:

BRAVIA Technology: BRAVIA, Sony’s exclusive image processing technology, provides more vivid colors, high contrast ratios and sharp images.

4K and 8K Resolution: Sony produces high-resolution TVs, providing viewers with clearer and more detailed images. 4K and 8K televisions have higher pixel density.

HDR (High Dynamic Range): Sony TVs provide more realistic images by offering a wider color gamut and contrast thanks to HDR technology.

Android TV: Many Sony TV models use the Android TV operating system. This gives users access to a variety of applications, games and content. Click to get information about Sony TV info.

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